National Coach Museum


Temporary Exhibition | When the Horses…Jump to the Motor

Integrated in the initiatives of The International Museum Day, on May 18th, the National Museum opens to the public the exhibition National Coach Museum When the Horses … Jump to the Motor.

The paintings by the artist Ricardo d’Assis Cordeiro are related to the first motor car who came to Portugal, the Panhard et Levassor purchased in Paris by the nobleman of Santiago do Cacém, Count Jorge de Avillez, in 1895.

Under the high patronage of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Portugal and organized by the National Coach Museum, the Santiago do Cacém City Hall, the Automobile Club of Portugal and the Lisbon City Hall this exhibition transports us to the year of 1895, revealing us paintings of the automobile in the “new avenues” of Lisbon and in Santiago do Cacém.

Having the privilege of having the Panhard et Levassor in this exhibition allows us to make known the history of Counts of Avillez, Santiago do Cacém City, Émile Levassor and René Panhard the pioneers of the automobile industry, their revolutionary and innovative end-of-life technologies -siécle arrived in Portugal and still understand why the first car had gone to, at that time, to the Alentejo village of Santiago do Cacém.

The exhibition will be held until October 13, 2019.