National Coach Museum


WHAT WE WANT – Francesco Jodice


From October 28, 2020 to January 3, 2021

National Coach Museum / Museu Nacional dos Coches – “Jardim de Belém” Room, 2nd floor



The National Coach Museum  hosts renowned Italian photographer Franscesco Jodice.

“What We Want” is the title of one of the main projects of Jodice that started in 1995 and continues today with the objective of eternalizing the change in the landscape seen as a projection of the collective desires of today’s society. In his works, Jodice captures the essence of the urban and social contexts of around 180 metropolises on five continents.
A significant selection of twenty locations is presented in Lisbon, together with the screening of the first 2006 film, from the “Citytellers” trilogy, focused on new forms of urbanism and dedicated to São Paulo in Brazil.

In this exhibition, which opens with the map of places played by Jodice, the visitor reflects on the author’s very personal itinerary, reflecting on the artistic and social role of photography and how this, together with other techniques, “can give us back observation of the things of the world ”(Francesco Jodice).


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